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Conquest of Elysium 5 (released in August 2021) is a quick turn based fantasy strategy game with a touch of rogue-like, developed by Illwinter Game Design. The game is full of depth, details and monsters. There are also a huge number of factions, each with its own unique gameplay and magic rituals.

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Bakemono.png Bakemono Druid.png Druid Illusionist.png Illusionist Scourge Lord.png Scourge Lord
Barbarian.png Barbarian Dryad Queen.png Dryad Queen Kobold King.png Kobold King Senator.png Senator
Baron.png Baron Dwarf Queen.png Dwarf Queen Markgraf.png Markgraf Troll King.png Troll King
Burgmeister.png Burgmeister Enchanter.png Enchanter Necromancer.png Necromancer Voice of El.png Voice of El
Cloud Lord.png Cloud Lord High Cultist.png High Cultist King of the Deep.png Pale One Warlock.png Warlock
Demonologist.png Demonologist High Priestess.png High Priestess Priest King.png Priest King Witch.png Witch

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